Welcome! This is the Members Site for the Composition for Elementary Students Course.  Here you’ll find a link to download the course pdfs (if you haven’t already), a section on how the course is set up, and links to all the lesson and activity videos!  Dive in!  You’re on your way to becoming a fantastic photographer!


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Composition for Elementary Students PDFs


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How To Use This Course:

Before working through any of the course material, be sure to read all the documents in the START HERE! folder.  The course is set up in sections:

Photography Lessons

This course has 7 lessons, each explaining a key part of composition.  Lessons are presented in video format and full of photographic examples to help your student grasp the concept.  Videos can be viewed using the links above.

A pdf copy of each lesson (with all photo examples) is also provided in the Photography Lessons Pdfs folder.  Your student can watch the video, read through the lesson, or do both – whatever best suits your child’s learning style!


Following each lesson is a hands on activity that will help give your student a better understanding of the concept explained in the lesson.  As wit the lessons, you can find a written version of the activity instructions (in the Lesson Activities Pdfs folder) and a video version using the links above.

Activity videos are presented by Haymish, a Scottish coyote puppet character created specifically for use in the Foto Finch courses!  He explains each of the activities in a fun and exciting way!  Have your student watch the Haymish video, read through the written instructions, and then complete the activity!

Shooting Assignments

Along with an activity, each lesson has one or more Shooting Assignments.  Once your student has watched/read through the lesson and competed the activity, they’ll be ready to pick up their camera and begin using the composition concept in their own photography!

In the Shooting Assignments folder, you’ll find a pdf copy of each assignment.  Once completed, help your student download or develop their images, print their photographs, and place them into their photography binder.  You can find more info on the binder in the START HERE! folder.



All course material, including photographic images and written content, are copyright of Treu Image Photography.  All rights reserved.  Course material as well as passwords for this site may not be shared or distributed in any form.